Wednesday night we headed downtown to the Highlands neighborhood where Vicky lives. It’s one of those regentrified neighborhoods where the houses have ‘charm’ but my mom wouldn’t want to live in one. If you know what I mean. We started out at Rootdown. It’s a farm to table type restaurant where they source locally and with integrity. We had appetizers there. I had heard ‘good things’ about it. The cocktails and company turned out to be the highlight. I think we would’ve done better by it having had dinner there. The building is great though, built in an old filling station. Sometimes fame, I think, comes too quickly.
Afterwards we walked (6 blocks, or 12) up to 32nd and had a very light supper at bang! which has the dinstinction of being the first place Z and I ever went on a date. It has, in my mind, everything going for it. I had a potato and goat cheese croquette with beurre blanc that was inspiring.


  • gimlets & mojitos
  • sweet potato fries w/ curry sauce
  • deep fried artichoke hearts
  • grilled peach bruschetta


  • potato & goat cheese croquette
  • flank steak w/ fried polenta & bitter greens
  • romaine salad w/ dried cherries & blue cheese
  • arugula salad w/ dried apricots & sherry vinaigrette

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