old salty dog

we stopped in at the old salty dog on the virtue that we saw it on the man v food show on the travel channel…. soooo I can’t gripe too much if the food is less than spectacular.  Decorated in beach shack pub style with a dog dish for the table.  It is sitting on the water in Sarasota, Fl and the view can’t be beat.  We went there to get an oversize deep fried hotdog.  Yikes.  Kind of shameful when I think about it.  Not a corndog, just a beer battered foot long dog with whatever fixins float your boat.  Z had jack cheese and grilled onion and I had bacon and cheddar.  It was crunchy and fun with mustard added on top.  They bring out all the baseline condiments, relish, onion, ketchup and mustard for you to add and the dogs come with fries.  It was about what you’d expect, a greezy dog but t was fun to eat and consider the ridiculousness.  We sat and watched boats on the water and the sunset and then made our way home.


went to Sarasota for the Easter weekend.  Along with the requisite trip to El Toro Bravo for Santa Fe style cooking, we also made a couple of new stops – just to scope out the territory.  My parents visited us for Christmas and brought giant cinnamon rolls thickly buried in frosting from Troyer’s Dutch Heritage Bakery.  I hadn’t been there before and we made a brief stop to check out the bakery and gift shop.  It is an Amish style restaurant, one of five or six in the Sarasota area-apparently the winter hotbed of Amish-Mennonite warmth seekers from Lancaster County PA and beyond.  They gave us samples of orange cream pie and provided our Easter dessert of raspberry pie.
We also made a stop at Yoder’s Amish Village to browse their farm stand.  I was impressed by the variety and price points.  They had everything from Florida sweet onions to fresh chick peas still in their shells alongside Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer. jellies and local honey.
We didn’t see any horses and buggies but there are a lot of ladies in plain clothes with the white small bonnets associated with the sect shopping in local stores.

independence day


realized I have had good intentions to post but have been a little out of control and just winging along.  We headed to Sarasota on the fourth.  It happened in a funny and typical way…  I woke up Wednesday (pre-4th) and thought we should go to Sarasota for the weekend. Z’s aunt and uncle live there and I decided it was alright to leave Walter at home alone.  Through a series of phone calls we found out it would be alright for us to go and headed out for the weekend on Saturday morning.   Sarasota is a couple of hours from Orlando and can be reached by the Sunshine Skyway which is an incredibly tall bridge over Tampa Bay that makes Z nervous to drive over.  We had a nice low key restful weekend shopping and hanging out at the beach in the rain walking up and down Lido key.  We walked to St Armands circle in the rain before the boat races and had breakfast sitting at the tiny counter in the tiny Blue Dolphin Cafe.