old salty dog

we stopped in at the old salty dog on the virtue that we saw it on the man v food show on the travel channel…. soooo I can’t gripe too much if the food is less than spectacular.  Decorated in beach shack pub style with a dog dish for the table.  It is sitting on the water in Sarasota, Fl and the view can’t be beat.  We went there to get an oversize deep fried hotdog.  Yikes.  Kind of shameful when I think about it.  Not a corndog, just a beer battered foot long dog with whatever fixins float your boat.  Z had jack cheese and grilled onion and I had bacon and cheddar.  It was crunchy and fun with mustard added on top.  They bring out all the baseline condiments, relish, onion, ketchup and mustard for you to add and the dogs come with fries.  It was about what you’d expect, a greezy dog but t was fun to eat and consider the ridiculousness.  We sat and watched boats on the water and the sunset and then made our way home.

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