Faux Sneaux – the meaning of Christmas

We went on a bit of a Christmas jaunt last night to visit Celebration, Florida. It is the little town that could. Disney built it ten or twenty years ago in an attempt to create an iconic town that had walkable amenities. It isn’t so much that as the real life Truman Show. It has a perfect little main street with perfect little cobblestones and candy shops interspersed with sidewalk cafes and of course, a Starbucks. The familiar county fair scent of funnel cakes and chocolate dipped rice krispy treats beckoning us and the open doors of the ice cream shop with their air conditioned rush of cool air and a big puff of vanilla and caramelized sugar entice you inside for a waffle cone to share with someone you love.

At 6, 7, 8 and 9 pm on the hour they have you screw your eyes shut and wish upon a star for the impossible dream – snow. By the way, it was 82 degrees yesterday.

But, by the magic vested in Disney they had soap bubbles pumped from the streetlights along Market Street and they faux sneauxed on the hour for ten minutes giving children, and me, great joy.

That’s really what Christmas is about. The joy that we get in our middle from knowing that he God of the Universe came to Earth to experience life and death. He knows where we are at because, in a manner of speaking, he’s been there. Glad tidings of great joy. Remember that joy in the small things even if they are as ephemeral as a soap bubble.

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