fruits and veg

If I lived in Seattle or San Francisco there might be enough fresh and varied produce that I could be a vegetarian or at least eat a little better. But, as it stands, I live in Orlando and although you might think we could be a land of plenty there are only plenty of oranges and grapefruits and the occasional head of hydroponic lettuce. I have searched high and low to find locally grown and organic produce at some kind of affordable price. This weekend I finally found one of my personal grails – a fruit & veg shop.

Normally we do our grocery shopping at a combination of Walmart (for value), Publix (because I hate shopping at Walmart with entire branches of family trees and four carts per person) and Whole Foods (which is also known as Whole Paycheck where they have everything you want but where the prices are sometimes a crime). But this week at Weight Watchers (that’s a story for another day) I heard about a Fruit and Veg stand called Clemons. On Saturday afternoon we checked it out. It was like the heavens opened up and unleashed produce. The variety is good and the prices are great! They had almost everything I was looking for, from tomatillos to onions to beets to radishes. The prices cannot be beat in Orlando. The only thing missing was a good selection of chillies but I am hoping that perhaps they are just out of season. Everything wasn’t locally grown but it did play into the equation.

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