turkey cobb burger

Okay. My friend Vicky is in town and tonight is her last night here. I was feeling like I ought to make something good for dinner (I pretty much always feel this way.) Vicky suggested we make something from the burger book. I didn’t even suggest it. (Although I have just been told this particular burger was my idea, and, am therefore held responsible.)
So, knowing I have eaten more blue cheese with Vicky than any other living human and that we happened to have a pound of turkey so we made this riff on a Cobb Salad. It has all the classic accoutrements of a good Cobb. Avocado, beefsteak tomatoes and lightly dressed greens, a couple of strips of bacon and the crowning glory, blue cheese crumbles. Baked fries cap it off.
Apparently I am becoming a better burger maker. It was super juicy and perfectly cooked.
We all had to laugh because the burgers were so tall that they weren’t easy to eat. My turkey squeezed out. Vicky’s toppled like a certain tower in Italy. Brian was actually done first. Vicky and I licked our fingers and Brian licked his plate.

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