the sweet life

Well, last night we went to date night at a local chocolate factory called Farris and Foster’s. For a small sum they will sit you at a big table with 15 or so others and give a short lesson on how to hand pour and dip chocolates. They have a huge array of items that you can mix in, sprinkle on and fill your chocolates with, including coconut dough (think Mounds), truffle dough, various creams that include chile, tabasco along with the standards. You can enrobe items such as Oreos, pretzels & marshmallows on the (remember that I love Lucy episode?) conveyor belt. They outfit you in plastic gloves, apron and a really sassy paper hat and turn you loose like a kid in a candy store.
The bigger story here is the idea of date night. I know they need a moniker to bring in free spending couples and their bottles of wine and freshly made up faces and their air of anticipation but the idea that date night has to be preplanned and reserved for and is an interesting one. I was recently talking to Vicky and told her that everything that I do with Brian feels like a date. Granted, our actual dating experience together was fairly short and over the phone but since we got married I feel like every dinner, walk, movie and grocery store trip is a great date with someone I want to spend my time with. I try to make a habit of letting Brian pay (yes, I know it’s the same $) and saying thank you for taking or coming along with me. A date doesn’t have to be just the two of us either, we are happy to take along a niece, nephew or friend. It is the time spent together sharing adventures that makes it time well spent.

2 thoughts on “the sweet life

  1. SnSLeavitt

    >Awww, that sounds so fun Kathy! And I totally agree about date night! We should always date our husbands! And I always tell Seth thank you too, and he is always like "it's our money" but oh well 🙂 I miss you lots! I wish we could come visit you guys…who knows! Seth has some vacation time saved up!


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