arthur avenue burger

Last night we made the Arthur Avenue Burger. It is a burger made in homage of an italian neighborhood of NYC. We made it with our usual turkey and publix bakery bun, this sounds dull but isn’t. The toppings were arugula, a fontina frico and this fra diavolo ketchup. Arugula is nice on the mild turkey and the fra diavolo ketchup was supposed to be spicy and herby but honestly, it wasn’t. I don’t think this was my fault as I doubled the red pepper flakes and all I could taste was oregano. The stand out was the fontina frico. Basically you dry fry grated fontina cheese into a crisp lacy cheese doily. This is something like the best cheez-it you ever ate. Overall the burger was more high rent than usual. It seemed more elegant and refined. I paired it with an icy cold gimlet which is a gloriously citrine colored gem.

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