Restaurant Week aka The Best Meal I Ever Ate…

Z and I agree on this one. The best meal that we have ever eaten in a restaurant together is definitely at Zengo in Denver. We ate there the February 27, 2008. It was the night before our rehearsal and subsequent wedding on the 29th. Yes, we know we got married on leap day and no, we have no idea what day to celebrate our anniversary but that is beside the point. We ate there during 5280 restaurant week. Most cities have a restaurant week where everyone advertises a prix fixe menu of 3 courses at a set price, a starter, main and dessert. There are limited options to choose from but the choices are almost always something your average foodie would like to eat. We both had the chile encrusted steak, a tenderloin of beef so succulent my mouth waters just thinking about it. The stage set for this beef was ‘Oaxacan’ mashed potatoes (we are unable to unearth the meaning behind Oaxacan, is it cheese?) and grilled asparagus. I had an amazing tuna hand roll that was flash fried in tempura and a molten chocolate type desert with a back note of chile.
September is Magical Dining Month (!yes, a whole month) in Orlando, with many restaurants participating in three course prix fixe menus at $20 and $30 per person. Our dilemma is that we are going to Denver this month for a vacation and looking forward to meals in some of our favorite restaurants, both dives and maybe, a fine meal or two that would give Zengo a run for it’s money.

4 thoughts on “Restaurant Week aka The Best Meal I Ever Ate…

  1. Mamatoto

    >Oaxaca is a state in Mexico, and Oaxacan cheese is a famous Mexican "melting" cheese that originally came from that state. So I'm guessing the mashed potatoes were cheesy…?? The Zengo menu sure looks yummy!


  2. Kathy

    >I did a bunch of research on Oaxaca at the time and couldn't figure out what their intended meaning was behind 'Oaxacan Mashed Potatoes' because they weren't particularly cheesy or anything that would have been unknown so I figure it had to have been some mellow Oaxacan Farmer Cheese or some native unknown potato… Either way, I'd eat them today if they were put in front of me. 🙂


  3. Rachel

    >I was going to say something about Oaxaca and Christina T. but everyone beat me to it. I just like saying it because it doesn't look like what it sounds like, going off of English.


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