breakfast burger

Happy Labor Day! Labor day is like the last hurrah of summer and I spent it. I didn’t really spend it well, but rather I spent it, as my sister so kindly put it, ‘getting on my own nerves.’ On Thursday I was freaking out about a rash. I don’t get rashes you see. I went to the doctor. She looked at it for all of two and a half seconds and pronounced, ‘You’ve got shingles.’ What? I thought old people, and my friend Tom, were the only people who got shingles. It’s a virus that is leftover in your body after you have chicken pox and affects a string of nerves. They don’t know what causes it and say it sometimes comes out as a result of stress. (?) It is kind of ugly and rather painful (although mine hasn’t been terrible exactly. Just uncomfortable and heinously annoying.) I had to send Z away at first in case of it being catching, but they decided it was safe and he could come home and take care of me as long as he didn’t use my linens or touch me. He thankfully cooked for me all weekend and sang me a song, while I alternately slept, watched tv and read.
Today my rash is receding and doesn’t seem as sketchy so we went to the grocery store for the weekly shop and picked up a couple of things for the breakfast burger. It is comfort food and perfect for my recovery.
A turkey burger on a soft potato bun stacked with american cheese, bacon, shoestring fries, homemade chipotle ketchup and the glory that is a fried egg. If you take time to watch Iron Chef or Top Chef they often crown food with a fried quail or chicken egg for the velvety ooze that spills over the food. I have had this type of burger (on my birthday no less) at Luma on Park and would highly recommend it. Brian can’t really have fried eggs and might not eat them if he could, so he had the slight variation, with a scrambled egg that he cooked in a ring so it would fit just so on top. This burger is a nice labor with which to end a long weekend.

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