bolo burger

Well, It happens now and again, a burger that I can happily live without. Tonight after work we made the bolo burger. A lightly pressed turkey burger with homemade aioli flavored with roasted red peppers and garlic, manchego and serrano (we could only find prosciutto) ham. I have found I hate manchego when warmed or melted. I love it chilled with olives and wine, or in a salad with apples, sugared pecans and dates, just like any normal girl would. I also tend to like prosciutto but only when it is chilled or actually crisped in a pan. Warmed through next to manchego is not for me. Brian didn’t love it either, so that works out for me.
Napoleon fed his llama Tina ham. Yesterday we went and saw Ponyo, by Hiyao Miyazaki. Ponyo shouted,”I want ham!” before she turned alternately into a little rowdy girl and a fish.
Ham is fine in Idaho and nice at the movies but please don’t put it on my burger.

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