home cooking

It’s a Saturday and I had to work today. It turned out to be pretty interesting though, a simulcasted conference called either LeadNow or RightNow depending how they feel about it. A 20/30 something conference that was basically about, doing the right thing. The right thing being knowing and then actually living out the gospel of Jesus and how that might affect someone considered a ‘leader’.
But, the actual reason for this blog is that I came home to Z making me dinner. He had gone to the vegetable market today and picked up some veg for the week and was making oven roasted asparagus. They were tossed in a glug of olive oil and roasted with salt and pepper until they crisped and laid on top of a bowl of pasta alla amatriciana that was resplendent with garlic, red pepper flakes. bacon and bacon fat. A piece of fresh baked crusty bread was tucked in at the edge.
I never realized this as much as I have lately but I love eating at home. Don’t get me wrong, I like eating out, particularly when it is thoughtfully chosen and carefully cooked food well presented. But I love eating at home with it’s comfort and care. I know that everyone in the world does not have the privilege of coming home to a meal, hot or otherwise. Some do not have a family or home to come ‘home’ to at all. I am thankful that I do.

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