happy birthday! to Jesus, or I have recently heard, to Frosty. This is what he says at the beginning of the episode that so often reduced me to tears as Frosty melted away each year. It’s Christmastime and we are celebrating the birth of Jesus with gifts, the mall and exhausted busyness but we took time out to have a bit of an extra special date last weekend and headed to ICE! which is a carved ice exhibit housed at a local resort/hotel. A jillion pounds of ice carved into submission in shapes of the Nativity, reindeer and unicorns. They sort of force you into a big shiny blue parka which is interesting because, after all it is Orlando and it was 85 degrees and they keep it at a brisk 9 degrees inside. We loved the 9 degrees business and brought our own tuques and gloves. The worst of it – a promise of hot cocoa that is served at the end in a disappointing dixie cup.

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