blue burger


well, I had planned to make this burger last night but we fell off the wagon and WENT OUT FOR A BURGER. A new Five Guys opened within walking distance of our house (treachery) on Monday and we decided we would go out for a burger instead of making one at home. But tonight it business as usual and we are back to …fine dining?
So, tonights offering? A french style buttered and toasted bun, turkey burger smothered in tangy blue cheese and super thick applewood smoked bacon with a bit of homemade bbq sauce to add a little acid and cut some of those fats.

Only 6 burgers to go.

One thought on “blue burger

  1. Mamatoto

    >What are you going to do when you're all the way through the cook book? I just watched Julie and Julia and loved it! Don't bother reading the book…although it's a great idea (thus the great movie), she's a disappointing writer. Merry Christmas!


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