oaxacan burger

the day kind of started out as a disappointment. We had planned to head to Gasparilla (aka pirate fest) in Tampa for the mardi-gras style parade and dinner with my mom and dad at Columbia’s, which is housed in Ybor City and serves up some rockin’ spanish inspired Cuban but I have been sick all week and decided I needed to stay in today and recuperate. But, we had started one of the toppings for this burger last night and decided it was ready to eat so we figured we could make the burger at least.
Last night after work I made pickled red onions. They are a gorgeous pinkly tinted jalapeno pickled addition to this burger. The burger is our usual ground turkey on a buttered heated kaiser bun but this one had the most complicated sauce so far, a mole. Mole is an unctuous concoction filled with almonds, honey, chocolate and many other things in a tomato based sauce that is cooked down to a thick paste. Topping the mole were super creamy avocado slices and queso fresco along with the onions. We served it with a few jalapeno slices and oven baked onion rings.
The whole thing was both tart and creamy with many tastes mingling together and was a really different and interesting combination. The day definitely came together even if it wasn’t how I planned.

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