cooking class

tonight I started a six week ‘gourmet’ cooking class put on by Winter Park Tech with my friend Karin (pictured at right). I don’t really know what Winter Park Tech is but when you look it up online it comes up under OCPS (Orange County Public Schools) and is really glorified adult education. It is a funny class and not really what I would label gourmet and I don’t really think it will exactly stretch my skills to their limit but I do think it will be pretty fun. We broke up into small groups and each took a course and at the end we got to try each one. I am hoping for some good takeaway recipes. I think there was one so far.

On the menu tonight

  • App – Cheese & Bacon Puffs (Puffy Cheese & Bacon )
  • Soup Course – Mushroom & Leek Soup with Parsley Dumplings (This was impressive with morels someone had picked in WA -I would make this recipe.)
  • Sandwich – Open Face Sausage & Veg Melt (meh)
  • Salad Course- Spinach ambrosia salad w/ garlic orange dressing (I made this course. Weird but ok.)
  • Dessert – Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Brownies (It has to be a special brownie for me to like it. Not quite this one.)

3 thoughts on “cooking class

  1. PaulF

    >I don't I'll be stretched either, but I think we'll have fun seeing karin figuring out which side of the cutting board to use. (Can she see this)


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