cooking class – week three

a long day at work and straight to class. Feels like I could be a bit too old for this. But tonight was actually the most interesting night we’ve had at class, food wise. 8 recipes and Karin and I made 2.
I realized one thing big thing tonight. It is good to have the food taste of someone else once in a while because we made things I would never try – and I liked them.

  • puffed salmon hors d’oeuvres with sour cream sauce (puff pastry and salmon, dill – which I thought I dislike but might not)
  • Heart of Palm Salad – heart of palm is like tofu but not. weird, but ok.
  • ‘unbelievable’ biscuit muffins – is it a muffin? is it a biscuit? no one knows.
  • Herb crusted Salmon with sun-dried tomato sauce – excellent salmon with a nice dry rub
  • Blue Cheese and Cheddar Potato Gratin (Karin and I made this one – it was super-rich and had great flavor)
  • Asparagus with Shittake Mushrooms and Bacon (We also made this and it was, dare I say, almost too bacon-y)
  • Hibiscus Mocktail. Funny. No hibiscus. Fuzzy pop.
  • Chocolate Velvet Cake with Two Sauces–white chocolate and raspberry – very nice, a nearly flourless densely chocolaty cake with lovely raspberry puddles. Delightful.

I also just want to say. Presentation is everything. The most lovely food on a paper plate with a plastic fork is just not the same.

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