4Rivers Field Trip

last weekend marked the first really warm Saturday of the year and I saw some friends and co-workers had posted a photo of a bbq place in Winter Park called 4Rivers Smokehouse. I had to check into that and did a quick google search to find that it is a fairly new bbq joint and getting rave reviews. So, today we headed outside to have some lunch and take a field trip to the Phuoc Loc Tho Asian Supermarket to browse the aisles. I would agree that it is pretty good ‘Q for Orlando. I had the signature Brisket sandwich with deep fried dill pickles and corn along with a bacon wrapped cream cheese filled jalapeno (brought most of them home…it was excessive!) Z had pulled pork with corn bread and cheesy grits. Deep fried pickles. What? Totally weird and I guess it might be a real Texan thing. The sauce wasn’t as spicy as I would have expected but flavorful. The meat was really REALLY great and just melted in its tenderness. I usually stick to water and diet coke but washed it all down with Sweet Tea.
We were kind of crammed into a table with 6 of our closest (we didn’t know them from Adam) friends but it was a nice way to celebrate winter’s end and get outside.

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