waffle house


so, the culmination of the days long debate over waffles v pancakes resulted in going out for breakfast with the emailing culprits.  I can testify to how hard these people work during the week and we all got up early on Saturday morning to hit the Waffle House which is a tiny box of a restaurant where we  couldn’t quite all sit at the same table but shouted across the aisle.  They seem to have a dedicated only to cooking waffles guy and a lot of extra people behind the counter who sort of stood and waited to spring into action.  Not haute cuisine but a good way to get moving on Saturday morning.

One thought on “waffle house

  1. ruthhubbard

    >I'm glad you all are working out your waffle v. pancake issues. I'm just wondering if any of you have ever experienced brownie waffles? They are a whole new dimension of breakfast decadence.


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