bk whopper bar


looking for something to do last night and I said, “We should go to the whopper bar.”  I wasn’t really thinking I would be taken up on that one.  The BK Whopper Bar in theory is a high end Burger King-only Whopper Bar at Universal City Walk.  But Z was pretty much like, ‘my mind’s made up, we’re going’.  So, we drove over to check it out.

What it isn’t:

  • high end
  • clean
  • a bar

What it is:

  • unique-to date, there are only 3 others and this one was first
  • food court-y (next to Moe’s and Panda)
  • reasonably tasty

I had a build your own Whopper with A-1, peppered bacon and blue cheese that was pretty good and Z had an Angry Whopper with limpy jalapenos, pepper jack and supposed Angry Sauce that was a little non-existant.  We also had funnel cake fries which had a nice tub of glaze and sort of did taste like funnel cakes.  Homemade burgers are better but this was fun to check out.
City Walk itself is mostly restaurants which a few shops and lots of walk up bars for slurpee-like cocktails.  It is host to Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, Hard Rock Orlando, Bubba Gump’s, Emeril’s, you get the picture.  We also found out that City Walk parking is only $3 after 6pm which is good to know for evening’s out.

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