aloha roy’s

skype can be a beautiful thing.  This afternoon sometime after four but before five I sat down at my desk and asked (via skype) “what should we do tonight” hoping for an answer that wasn’t something like “go home and make dinner…”  Z said, “want to go to harmoni?” and I said, “hey, it’s magical dining month” and listed four restaurants he liked the menu on, I made a reservation online and ran out the door at 5 after 5.  We made it to Roy’s for a six o’clock reservation.  We had teriyaki calimari, vegetable spring rolls, ponzu salmon with amazing pickled cucumbers (rice wine vinegar, jalapeno and a little sugar), incredible savory glazed short ribs and oozing chocolate souffle. I think there was a little soy in the glazing liquid.  Not bad for three minutes on skype.  I really recommend Magical dining month.  It costs a little something ($30 per person) but you get to try things that you would never let yourself any other time.  (I also had this martini with some ruby red vodka, lychee liqueur and patron citronge – so smooth!)

In deference to other diners we didn’t use the flash so the photos are kinda grainy.

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