happy days walty

happy birthday walty.  Somehow you made it to 1.  We got you on Thanksgiving weekend and quickly learned what a lonely kitty does in the night-meowing and waving your arm under the door to be let in.  We relented and left the door open and you learned to knock over water glasses.  We began to shut our waters in the bathroom as you ran around at night.  You quickly became a playful guy and got your own condo made of taped and cut up packing boxes with ribbons hanging off.  You ran circles in your litter and flung it around your bathroom.  We tried to teach you to stay off the counter. Then Z made you the jingly. A long stick with a string and mouse-bird toy on the end which quickly turned into two little bells that you chase if only someone will drag it for you.  You became a lolcat and ‘famus’. Temptations became your favorite treat besides Z’s last spoon of cereal milk.  Your favorite toys are mere pieces of trash, a kleenex box with a ball inside, the crunchy shrink wrapping from jars.  You sit in the leather chair and watch birds and bees in the trees outside for hours even though you are scared to go out there.  Then Z built you the castle which is now your favorite place to perch, play, sleep or watch the world and us pass you by.  We love you walty-happy days.

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