paves du mail

we went round town relieving our closets of their closely guarded hordes.  The old cat carrier and drinking fountain to the pet adoption people, bags of kitchen detritus and clothes, books and old computer programs to Goodwill and making a big loop of errands around town.   Not a terrible way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  We made it home around 5 with thoughts of supper and a flank steak waiting for a sear.  So, house filled (and I am exaggerating about filled) with smoke we pan fried peppered flank steaks and tossed a quick salad with house-made lemon shallot vinaigrette.  I was supposed to be able to use the pan juices to make a sauce with cream, dijon mustard and brandy but I didn’t have juices so much as char so we skipped the juices and bubbled the others together in a shallow pan.  It was a little bitter sauce with a creamy bite to the finish and the steak was perfectly cooked but the scent of smoke lingers like leaves burned in the fall.

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