pre-thanksgiving roulade

why is so much fall food tan?

we aren’t making Thanksgiving dinner at our house but rather making rounds at Z’s and maybe later my parents.  Tonight we made a turkey roulade filled with my mom’s stuffing recipe.  I haphazardly butterflied a turkey breast (totally ugly, not a skill I presently have!) and pounded it to a semi uniform thickness.  I spread stuffing over the whole and rolled and tied it with string.  I put a bit of salt and pepper and canola oil on top  and baked it for about 1 hour 40 minutes at 350.  While it baked I made my Grandma James’ twice-baked potatoes.  As is usual for our Sunday nights lately we ate dinner late…closing in on 8.  But really, way easier than the whole bird and the cleanup was a snap.  I stand behind not making the whole bird-this is loads easier, faster and kind of fun too.

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