adventure and/or trial

>about 1:00 today we decided we needed some 4R (Four Rivers) bbq for a nice sit outside Sunday lunch of smoked brisket and winter sunshine.  In the great tradition of Chik-fil-a they are not open on Sundays.  I can see the merit of this.  Sort of.
I remembered that I had read about Graffiti Junktion and their burgers so we smartphoned that, drove ten more minutes, walked three blocks into a Sunday football-packed out-no organization bar where I realized I am old.  We headed back to the car and tried to think of someplace else.
We ended up ten more minutes driving at Hue (plays music), with it’s downtown vibe.  It was ok but the actual menu is about half of the posted one online.  A small bread basket arrived with some fried wonton and rolls with red pepper butter.  I really enjoyed the butter on the roll and had to stop myself from slathering it on my burger.  Z had a scramble with andouille sausage and mozz along with hashed potatoes with corn and red peppers.  I had the basic burger with swiss and bacon and it was really juicy and well cooked, just as I requested.  It was pretty noisy and I didn’t think the chairs were too comfy but it was nice to get out from our regular routine even if we had to work for it.

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