martin’s bbq

last Saturday we went to the Orlando Gift Show in hopes of finding some new vendors for the Village Shop.  We were able to to find five – everything from fabulous totes from Madagascar to Spanish ceramic crosses and on the way home decided to stop for lunch.  We picked Martin’s because it was near where we left my car and we could meet husbands/family and none of us had been there.
It is strangely confusing inside and hard to figure out.  We were given a few tasters (on mint toothpicks) of pork -roast or bbq that wasn’t hot – weird.  So, near as we could figure out it was Cuban or Puerto Rican.  Closer inspection of their website reveals, Caribbean.  Well, at the end of the day, my favorite things were the maduros (plantain) and flan de coco (AWESOME!) but I don’t really think it warrants a return visit.

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