nordstrom cafe

I’ve spent many happy hours in
different Nordstrom cafes.  Throwbacks to a time when ladies shopped and lunched.  A quiet place for relaxing and refueling for the grueling hours of shopping in front of you.   I’ve variously been there with my grandma, mom, sister, niece, friends.  It is sort of a cross between a cafe and a bistro serving crafted salads and sandwiches along with long cooked meats and sauced pastas.  Z often takes me for Saturday lunches.  My favorite sandwich-a warmed ciabatta with sliced chicken, balsamic onion jam, herbed aioli, and arugula alongside impossibly good fries and kalamata olive dip.  My favorite sandwich is only a ‘chef’s special’ and I despair of the day it falls from grace.  His-a cool citrus turkey with manchego on wholegrain.  This is where he realized he likes the salty bite of olives.  Good food and good memories.

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