Five Spice Apple Fritters

it’s our three-quarteriversary!  We celebrated our third year tonight of our first – we were married on Leap Day so our anniversary hasn’t quite come around yet – at a fun new place in Oviedo called SushiPop.  They have a really exciting menu full of molecular gastronomic treats and sushi.  We had a fun assortment of things to try out multiple parts of the menu.  It is a fun and funky atmosphere with anime style drawings on the wall and funny dressed up waitstaff, not quite cosplay but fun.  Ponyo (I want ham!) was playing on televisions on all sides.

Starter One – The low rider sushi roll – tempura shrimp with chipotle lime sauce, avocado, chives and micro cilantro.  The soy came in fun lab style serving pipettes.
Starter Two – Shishito Poppers – Japanese sweet hot peppers stuffed with cream cheese and fried in panko with lime wedges.  The lime made them really zingy and fresh.
His – 3 Little Pigs – pork chop with fuji apple chutney, pork belly demi-glace  bacon brussel sprouts.
Hers – Dark and Smoky Salmon – hoisin and pistachio glazed salmon block, slow cooked purple potatoes, butter poached asparagus with a ribbon of raw salmon.

Interior View from our table – Z was able to watch Ponyo and I could see the sunset

Dessert – Apple Fritters – 5 spice apple fritters topped with cinnamon cream cheese, maple ginger ice cream and candied bacon.  Can I tell you I’d buy a deep fryer to make 5 spice apple fritters.  Wait for that.

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