tibby’s new orleans kitchen

seems kinda fitting that we would eat at a New Orlean’s kitchen tonight – on the eve of one of the most massive floods in the recorded history of the Mississippi River.  A sign on the wall read, ‘God willin and da creek don’t rise…’  We ate at the few months old Tibby’s New Orleans Kitchen tonight with a friend and friend of a friend.  It was on my Orlando To-do list and is by the creators of Tijuana Flats and I am sure they must have plans to expand to multiple locations as it feels like a really bankable restaurant.  I think that will be doable as it really was one of the more enjoyable meals I’ve had in a long time.  We tried both new and familiar dishes.
I kicked it off with a nice strong hurricane-rummy, yummy and strong!  For an app we tried the New Orleans Cheese Plank – a crispy fried pepper jack sitting on creole sauce-one of those things it is better you run out of before you want to stop eating. Z had an andouille po-boy and loved the flavor and texture.  I had a Parish Country Fried Steak and andouille grits.  It was all nested on red wine andouille gravy with crispy fried nuggets of sausage.  Why can’t I make grits that taste like this?  To cap it off we had beignets doused in powdered sugar-fluffy and sweet.  A fun night with good food-excellent.

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