welcome burger

the welcome burger

standing around chatting about future weekend and dinner plans last week the idea for this burger was presented to me by it’s namesake.  So a shout out to her.   It was one of those conversations that rolled between me being a hater of chain restaurants (but not always) and liking food sometimes better at home but I was encouraged to try this one out and tonight we did.   I am not sure if I made it true to her letter but it was pretty darn good and is a keeper.  I did change from her recommended sauce out of necessity but this worked out really well.

Potato bun – lightly toasted with a little butter
Ground Turkey griddled and basted with reduced Lawry’s teriyaki marinade with a bit of added brown sugar
thick slice of grilled Vidalia onion
slice of grilled pineapple (I have a Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan – awesome)
Pepper Jack Slice
Bacon Slice

On the side we had a new product, Alexia Sweet Potato Puffs (glorified sweet potato tots)  They were tasty but not crispy in that normal sweet potato way.  I’d probably cook them a bit longer next time.   I enjoyed them but wished for that crispy crunch.

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