roti flatbreads with curry dipping sauce
five spice pork chopettes

hawker – one of the definitions is a person who travels around selling goods, typically advertising them by shouting and it is also the name of a restaurant on Mills that was so new they hadn’t had their grand opening when we stopped in on a rainy Friday night for dinner.  It is a place of small shared plates of Asian street foods and they have tons of options all ranging $3 to $6.  There are a few countries showcased including Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and China.  We had six small plates starting with green papaya salad and moving on to five spice deep fried green beans and roti flat breads with incredible lightly spiced curry.  After the curry out came roast duck tacos with korean bbq sauce and five spice pork tenderloin chopettes followed by pork bahn mi sliders.   Everything was really good and all we missed was a small bite of dessert but they said they were still working on the menu.  We will definitely be back.

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