aloha cuz

celebrated my birthday last weekend. My sister has been in the area for about 3 weeks on vacation-spending time between the beach, my parents and my house. So, I was able to spend a day with her and her kids along with dinner out on the the big day.
We had actually made reservations to hit ‘Ohana at the Disney Polynesian Resort about 4 months ago when I tried to get in there for our anniversary. It is a popular Hawaiian themed restaurant with a great view on the lake outside of the Magic Kingdom.
We were ushered in and told a line about Hawaiians giving you a loaf of bread and then you become family. They gave us a loaf and proceeded to call us all cuz.
We were also given a great seat right at the window with a view to Cinderella’s castle and them the food started coming. I hadn’t realized it is a family style all you can eat type place.
First came green with honey lime dressing followed by pork and lemongrass potstickers with a kind of carmelly drizzle and teriyaki wings. Then they brought out skewers of really good fire roasted meat, pork, chicken, steak and shrimp. We were impressed at the quality of the cooking over huge fires at the end of the room. Meanwhile, a guy played the ukelele and put leis on people for their birthday/anniversary and taught the hukelau. They brought out some excessive peanut noodles and steamed veg (brocoli and snap peas) and then closed with banana bread pudding with coconut ice cream and banana carmel sauce. Kind of excessive but a fun experience.

After dinner we took a monorail ride to the Magic Kingdom while the sun went down and then rounded off our trip with a breezy boat ride across the lake. I love the magic of Disney, the kind of false magic that is kind of dreamy and thought out. I notice the wear by millions of guests but still enjoy the show. We even found some funny art fish that we both loved in a gallery in the lobby. Aloha!

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