alarm clocks aside, we stopped in for breakfast with friends at Snooze Southglenn during our vacation.  An ‘AM Eatery‘ devoted to high energy creative breakfast dishes that highlights the mighty pancake.  They have a creative breakfast menu and I really wanted something other than pancakes but couldn’t quite resist at least trying them.  I had a flight of pancakes that included sweet potato (light and fluffy, by far my favorite), the blue mesa (blue corn with corn inside and chile maple syrup) and the daily special of toffee bacon which was filled with – toffee and bacon (overly sweet for me).  I had a cup of their specially sourced Guatemalan coffee and found it to be a bit week.  Z had lovely breakfast pot pie of puff pastry filled with rosemary sausage gravy (I am going to figure this out… I swear it) and scrambled eggs with a pretty side of nondescript hash browns.  While I wished I would have had eggs our time with our friends was sweet.

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