puddinpants gets married

actually his name is Dave.  If I remember right his nickname is pirate in origin.  He was the reason we picked the week we did to go to Denver for vacation.  He grew up with Z.  You know, family vacations, playing with Lego, making forts. . .  Z still has a little rocket ship lego guy thing that Dave made in our Lego closet.
We got a call a few months ago, …’Hey Z, will you be in my wedding?’  Crazy times.  So, here we go to Denver, outfits pulled together and matchy down to the requested white belt for Z*.  We hadn’t met Lisa but figured Dave had it together.  We went out for dinner with Dave to get all the low down and do some catching up at Kona Grill.  You know when you haven’t seen someone in the longest time but it feels like an immediate catch up?  It was that kind of time.  We talked about everything we could think of as we ate one of those dinner’s that just hits every spot.  I had a great salmon club and Z had some spicy blackened chicken.  Can’t really explain why I dragged my feet to get the blog written.  I didn’t have any thing in particular to say about the food but I wanted to have that. I guess it was the time spent with an old friend.  Loved that the best.

(*Z was I think, the only guy to show up with his white belt.  So, he didn’t wear for the proper wedding but did put it on for the reception.)

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