magical dining month

september was (was! I am so behind!) Magical Dining Month here in Orlando. It is a month where various restaurants around the city have three courses for $30 per person.  We usually try to make it to at least one of these.  Last month was crazy for us and we only made it to The Kitchen.  The Kitchen is a signature restaurant at the Hard Rock Hotel.   It is on the property at Universal Orlando.
The decor is kind of what you’d expect – lots of artifacts from the world of rock n roll.
We were surprised how quiet it was.  They didn’t have much of a buzz and it was half empty.   This was a little weird for us and we felt a bit conspicuous.  We perused the menu and while I appreciate that there is a hefty entertainment ‘tax’ on restaurants like this their menu was surprisingly pricy.  We stuck to the magical menu and I chose -calimari for my app.  It was funny with both rings and tentacles and was a bit fishy for me.  I also chose… surprise!!?!  a burger.  I don’t know what it is with me.  I just love them.  This was an $18 dollar version and probably more expensive that any I have ever had.  When it came to the table it was sized for three people which may have had something to do with it.  It was super beefy on a nice butter roll and had ALL the requirements – onion ring, bacon, cheese, beefsteak tomato and lettuce and a huge oversized and cute condiment cup of fries.  A huge deep fried pickle closed the deal.  It was all really tasty- kind of excessive even.  Z had nice bruschetta, much chefier with heirloom tomato, balsamic reduction and crispy bread.  He also had some nice cedar planked salmon with corn pudding.  Very nod to fall.  By the time we hit our banana bread pudding we were spent.  The portions were so huge I could hardly enjoy my bruleed bananas and rum sauce.    It was all just a bit overkilled and didn’t have perfect execution.  We enjoyed our time though and I did love the burger.
We spent a few minutes as we wandered our way out looking at guitars and rockers outfits.


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