curry is kind of an interesting thing.  It is specifically nothing.  If I said, ‘we made curry’ that would be something different to every person.  As far as I can say, curry generally speaking is heavily spiced, hopefully heavily flavored and filled with interesting bits and pieces.
Z was in San Francisco for a conference recently and in their daily walk between hotel and conference center passed an Indian restauarant.  The scent was enticing enough that they stopped there for dinner one night.  Z had a butter chicken that was so spectacular he was driven to try to recreate it at home.  So, he tried a random butter chicken off the internet recipe.  We had to turn up cardamom pods and garam masala.  It is vaguely a stewed chicken with butter and some tomato passata with a pile of spices.  For reasons we don’t understand it didn’t turn out to be a particularly flavorful recipe.  Too much tomato and no warm heat.  It was filling served on jasmine rice but not exciting.  We will try again.

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