kitchen – our first look


our future kitchen – can you imagine it?

when we first stepped into the house with the realtor it didn’t have a lot going for it.  Firstly, the homeowner was sitting on the sofa watching us.  Singsonging ‘Awwwwkwaaard’  We tried to see through the clutter and enormous amounts of personal belongings.  I never saw so many small appliances.  It was New Years Eve and between the Mickey Mouse decorated Christmas tree and huge amounts of gifts and clutter it was hard to feel the bones of the house.  We quickly walked through and left noting a sleeping form in the master as we passed through the curtained room, peering into the burned out light of the laundry room.  As we drove away down the road I had some serious misgivings about it.  I couldn’t figure out what to make of it.  Five minutes later I asked, ‘Can we try to get her out and take a slower walk through?  I just really want to get a look at that house.’  We were able to get back in, took a long walk through taking snapshots.  An hour later and we put an offer on the house.  Who need it would take five months to close?  Here is a first shot of the kitchen.

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