not exactly resolved

I have never really been one for resolutions.  Any vague thoughts of resolving to do anything I didn’t ‘have’ to do get quickly laid by as I get busy in one way or another.   Work gets busy.  It is hot outside.  Time runs out.  You know how it goes.
The last year both dragged and flew by.  Busy at both work and home I feel as though I missed a lot of moments.  I am hoping to grab hold of this year a little bit better.    I miss the will to blog and hope it has returned.  I never meant to do much more than keep track of myself and was swimming along until I got caught by a fierce rip current.
We are working through some lifestyle changes now, really attacking eating healthy and getting some exercise.  It wasn’t a New Year’s resolution but a mid December decision.   I missed a few sweets and second helpings throughout the holidays but find I am ok with that.  I managed to deliver all excess baked goods to the break room at work and that seemed to work well.  I missed a few gin and tonics through the season but found the one I had tasted more like Christmas than ever.  I am determined to still love food and culture and the foodie culture though so we will see how the two mingle together.  Nicely I hope.
Working through decorating our home too.  That has been fun if not slow.  I am trying to fill it only with things I really love which both slows and heightens the process.   I’d like to get the rooms we live in finished in this year if I can.
Resolutions?  Not really.  Life lived well?  I hope so.

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