border grill stop

we went to the Los Angeles area last week for a wedding of a lifelong friend of Z.  He was one of two ‘best men’ which is to say that unsurprisingly Joel did not play favorites.  We figured that while in LA we had better try food that we can’t get at home.  Our reward for getting up at 3am to catch our flight was to have lunch at the Border Grill Stop.  Border Grill Stop is a teeny tiny lunch spot carved out of what could easily be a coffee bar or bus stop and is the brainchild of Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger (recentely of Top Chef Masters) and was right in downtown LA amid the skyscrapers.  It was kind of incredible what they produced out of this little spot.  We had some amazing tacos on soft corn tortillas.  I had a potato rajas and a citrus chicken taco along with a spinach empanada.  They came with the most incredible green sauce that was super bright and if I could replicate it I would do it today and eat it on eggs daily.  I have a recent and new abiding love of this type of mexican style cooking.  Z had the daily special of lamb tacos with beans and rice.  We capped it off with some yummy churro tots and a side of barely sweetened cinnamon spiked whipping cream.  It was a highly auspicious start to our trip.

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