lake nona food truck bazaar

we have a once a month food truck bazaar that meets in a local church parking lot on the 4th Sunday.   Tonight we went and took Z’s dad with us for dinner.  We gorged on locally sourced eats that included Plant City strawberry soda (not too sweet and lovely light flavor), curry tator tots with cucumber raita (seriously didn’t want to stop eating them), a creamy potato salad with thick meaty bacon, baby artichokes with a sauce of sriracha, lime, soy & sesame and chicken pot pie with a puff pastry lid from Big Wheel and a crazy burger dusted in cocoa and coffee with raspberry boursin sauce from The Crooked Spoon.  I had to try a Lady Bird vegan gluten free cupcake from the Yum Yum truck to put me over the top – banana, pineapple & pecans topped with vegan cream cheese.  Completely amazing.  I love to support this event and all the local small businesses that turn out to feed the wandering horde and get a good meal to boot.

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