winter summerland

our friends and family in Denver are living through a massive snowstorm this weekend – from most accounts I’ve heard two or three feet of snow.  It was probably in the balmy mid to upper seventies in Orlando today.  We had a birthday party for Landen where he rode a new bike in the street with Scott running in no shoes so you know it was warm.  Afterward we headed to downtown Disney for some fish and chips for dinner and then decided it was a perfect night to mini-golf.  So, we headed to Disney’s Winter Summerland.  Charming with two courses, one through sand and one through snow both decorated a la Disney for Christmas and frolicking Santas.  We chose the sand course and had a great time navigating through sand dunes and surf boards, past ‘elfstream’ trailers and melting snowmen.  Good for a warm winter eve.

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