takes two to tango

Matt and Katies duck salad 🙂

or eight as the case may be.  Last weekend we celebrated our brother in law’s birthday with a trip to Cafe TuTuTango.  It is billed as a Spanish artist’s loft where food and drink and the spirit of cooperation and collaboration are shared as you share small plates (not tapas but sort of) of somewhat ethnic flair.    There were eight of us at the table and menu choices were made to ensure tastes were made in an extreme variety of flavors.  We each started on our own item and then passed the other bites around the table.  It worked well until we accidently accepted someone else’s (thanks and so sorry Matt and Katie) Duck Confit Salad thinking it was ours.  It was probably my favorite flavor of the night and only somewhat diminished by the fact that we didn’t order it (although we thought we did!)  Confitted duck on top of greens with goat cheese, pine nuts and arugula on top of caramelized onion flatbread fits exactly with my favorite flavor profile of deeply savory mixed with sweetness.  Other noteworthy items included chickpea falafel with pineapple tahini, picadillo beef and manchego empanadas with cilanhtro cream and the winner of the night, banana caramel flatbread with walnut ice cream which we will definitely try to recreate at home.

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