bar americain and a bit on ww

I picked up a copy of Bar Americain by Bobby Flay sometime in the range of Christmas.  It was right around the time we started Weight Watchers (WW) so it has somewhat languished on the shelves.  I got a fairly good selection of cookbooks just aching to be opened up and put to the test.  WW has been going well for the most part – we started in December and have lost 23# and 25# depending which of us you ask.  But last week we tried one of the recipes calling me from the book to good success.  A green tomato, goat cheese and bacon grilled cheese.
I picked up a loaf of jalapeno cheese bread from the bakery for the base which was slightly different from the Pullman loaf it called for.  I wasn’t really sure what that would be but found out after the fact that it is a basic square sandwich loaf baked in a pan with a lid to keep it square.  No matter, the jalapeno bread added just a bit of tang and played well with the others.  I crisp fried a few slices of bacon and thin sliced the tomatoes adding them to an ounce or so on each sandwich of semi-soft goat cheese and toasted it all with some butter.  This sandwich is a perfect riot of flavors, crispy fresh, tangy and savory.  In the old days we probably would have had it with fries (we still would sometimes) but instead had it with some lightly dressed spinach.

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