tako cheena

tried out a new place on Friday night called Tako-Cheena by Pom Pom.  Owned by Pom Pom of a previous entry entitled ‘hype’ – I wasn’t impressed by her sandwicheria although it is a total darling of the locals and I should probably give it another try.   I had read good things about this new venture other than the fact that they only took cash.  It is a cross between latin and asian food serving up filled empanadas, takos (not a typo) and asian hot dogs.  We invited a friend to join us and headed out for dinner.  Take Cheena serves Mexican Coke and Jarritos fruity sodas.  I chose Grapefruit which was sweetly tart and refreshing.  It actually worked well with the fried foods, cutting the greasy factor.  To start we tried a couple of empanadas, one chicken and one beef but I think we were delivered two beef with two sides of chunky salsa.  It was a kind of tomatoey beef with some spices and corn and served super hot.  For my main meal I ordered an unlikely combo of a Japadog and two tacos.  I could totally live without the Japadog – a wierdly textured deep fried dog that could easily be pushed aside.  The tacos were excellent though.  I ordered two, both on flour tortillas, one panko crusted cod and one deep fried tofu.  They had different toppings of salsas and crunchy lightly dressed crunchy slaw.  I couldn’t stop tearing through them, crunching along and tasting the bright salsa and slaws.  Finishing with Z’s favorite churros I wished we would have tried the apple potstickers.  Next time.

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