I was vaguely accused of being a hoarder when it came to this huge pile of magazines I just couldn’t quite part with.  Since I occasionally watch that show with both horror and fascination  I sat down and using an Exacto knife sliced out pages that had articles or photos that inspired me and have shoved them in a file folder in a crate with our household paperwork.  Then processed the magazines into grocery bags for a work giveaway.   It could be anything from recipes to decorating to crafts to places I’d like to visit.  Pinterest is an online place to pin images that inspire me linking back to the original site that has recipes or shopping info.  It is a less hoardery way of storing information.  Last night for dinner I made a recipe I had pinned from a blog I follow for a really cool online shop called Eat Boutique which is the store I would have if I were entrepreneurial.  It is an Asian inspired meatball with Soba.  Porkey meatballs filled with springy green onions and toasted sesame seeds simmered in a broth made of soy, white wine, brown sugar and a little sriracha. It is a simply complex broth filled with contrast.  I used that broth after simmering the meatballs to coat the noodles into a mass of slurpy goodness and forced Z to eat with chopsticks.  It isn’t an item we would eat on a daily basis and I may have slightly overcooked the meatballs as they weren’t as moist as I would have liked but it is a nice variant on the theme of comfort food.

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