my sister and her clan come every summer for a few weeks.  They spend a few days in Orlando and we usually take in one theme park during their visit.  This year we we hit Legoland.  It opened within the last year and as Z is an AFOL (adult fan of Lego) it is amazing we hadn’t already been there.   We managed to hold off until they arrived and went on an impending bad weather day last week.  They warned us as we parked.  They warned us at the ticket booth.  The grey clouds threatened.  The heavens had unleashed the day before and they ended up unleashing the day after but we were determined and headed out anyway.  As it turned out the rain put us at arms length and didn’t dampen our spirits at all.  The ‘bad’ weather even had the added benefit of keeping the crowds away and we were able to walk onto almost every ride.  The roller coasters are geared in size and scope to six year olds and really nothing to write home about but there were quite a few kid sized standouts for the day.  In the ‘City’ (a sub Lego brand) all the kids were invited to different schools, boating, flying, driving.  Driving?!!?  Yeah, they take the tiny (P is 3) kids through drivers ed and plop them in a car.  You’d think this would go nowhere right?  Wrong.  She put her foot on the tiny pedal and was off.

So. Much. Glee.

As much for her as me!  They put the itty bitties in their own size cars -age 3-5ish on a single one way track and the 6-12’s in their own model on a slightly scaled up two lane course.  You would think the small set would be the worst drivers but somehow were not.  At the end they gave out drivers licenses to carry off.  So great.

We stopped for lunch across from Coaster-saurus and had pulled pork with slaw on flat breads.  They were a mixed bag of fresh and dry breads but the meat was nicely flavored and tender, kind of a kid friendly sweetish bbq sauce and in name only cilantro slaw.  They came with baked chips that they kids kinda shunned but I liked.  Not terrible and on par with Disney food.  Good not great, semi-plentiful and slightly pricey with a Legoland tax at about $9 for a sandwich, chips and drink.

We ran out of time and had to rush through the monumental land of Lego buildings so that we could stop by the gift shops on our way out and hit the Granny’s Apple Fries stand before we got in the car for the hour ride home.  Truth.  Fried Granny Smith Apple fries to dip in whipped cream all kissed with a touch of sugar and cinnamon.  It smacked of apple pie in less sugary and less crusty way.  Not exactly healthy but yummy and something different than the standard churro or funnel cake.

We enjoyed Legoland.  It is definitely geared to the short set and they loved it.

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