boardwalk burger

new burger joint in Orlando called Boardwalk Burger based on a Maryland boardwalk tradition.  Most like Five Guys in its griddly thin burger patty-ness.  I think a few more options than Five Guys in terms of burger topping options and a little less greezey.  We found we both got a double and both would only opt for singles next time.  We also ordered the fresh cut fries for a comparison and I was pleased to find I liked them a LOT better than Five Guys due to the fact that they had some crispness and . . .they have cheese sauce-salty fake cheesy goodness.  I chose a Signature burger with bacon and blue cheese and Z the BBQ bacon.  There is also a fun Freestyle coke machine.  It has a touch panel  you can choose your pop-poison and add flavored syrups to your hearts content.  Good new find for the occasional crave.

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