roasted corn soup & fried green tomatoes

In general I would prefer to eat warm comfort foods, like soup, in the fall and winter.  They are made for hunkering down and locking out the cold.  Often my favorites tend to be creamy and hearty.  This one is not.  It screams summer time.  It also is deceptively simple looking.  A recipe by Bobby Flay out of the Bar Americain cookbook it fit with the summer 12 ears for $2 of fresh corn easily found in the market.  It begins with making corn cob stock.  What?!?   I made a fresh stock from the corn cobs.  Basically just fortifying some water with cornyness.  Ending up with cloudy water feels silly but it adds so much flavor.  While the stock simmers you roast the kernels you cut from the cobs in the oven.  Simmer for a while to bring everything together.  The whole thing ends by pureeing and forcing through a strainer.  A lot of work really.  But the end result was so smooth and remarkable.  It has a touch of sour cream (I used light) but virtually no other fat.  It is sweet sweet and light – perfect for summer.  Bobby Flay calls  for fried okra and chive oil.  I didn’t quite get there but if I do this again, I will.  Instead, we ate it alongside fried green tomatoes dipped in panko and lightly pan fried with a side of chipotle cream.  Summer at it’s finest.

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