chicken, bacon & mushroom pot pie

not very summery now that I think about it.  I was on a kick for easy meals that didn’t have rice last week.  The week before I had somehow managed to meal plan myself into three nights of rice.  Curry with basmati, Red beans and rice with Andouille and if I remember right, some kind of steak with yellow rice.   Funny because like two years ago I wouldn’t touch the stuff if it wasn’t fried. But, I’m worn out of it and turned to the book shelves for inspiration.  I picked up Nigella Express to get some quick meals out and ran across this recipe for chicken, bacon and mushroom pie.  It was very fallish with a crusty puff pastry top.  It only took about 30 minutes.  The recipe is here.  Quite buttery and rich with marsala and bacon.  We liked it and it was almost embarrassing to reheat the puffy heights at work the next day for lunch.  I likely won’t make again until fall when the weather cools and we are in for an evening.

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