rocco’s tacos

new Mexican place opened up on restaurant row last week called Rocco’s Tacos.  It is mix of chupacabra meets Día de los Muertos meets biker bar.  Filled with iron and glass chandeliers and masks that I think had some real hair (kinda freak me out a little) and the nice touch of pig shaped molcajetes on the tables we didn’t know exactly what to expect food wise.  They make guac in the pigs tableside and while I love guac, Z does not and I didn’t need to literally eat a pig of it.    We ordered chips and salsa – their salsa coming out as a diced tomato without too much heat – and I had a jalapeno margarita.  It was a bit more on the strong side and had a bite in the back of the throat.  We later found out they have a hot sauce that looks to be housemade and had some nice heat and flavor.  I ordered a combination plate of steak taco, braised beef and pickled onion tostada and cheese quesadilla.  I  The tostada was the stand out – the meat was tender and had an unexpected note of cinnamon.  The pickled onion and crema making me wish that I had that as a stand alone entree.  Overall, no real heat (again, you need the hot sauce if you like heat) but tasty.  They are fairly liberal with cilantro.  Crowning glory – the most ridiculous homemade churros.  Z is a huge fan of churros and we mark Rick Bayless at Xoco in Chicago as having the best.  These were actually pronounced his 2nd favorite which is liberal praise!  They looked just awful – clearly unpracticed hands made them – but they tasted light airy and were liberally coated with cinnamon and sugar.  The light air made them a joy to eat.  We will go back.

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